Sub-domains to external IP

Can I point sub-domains to specific IPs? Is there some sort of dyndns service? I have my own mail server and software that I support, and I want my to be my home computer behind my DSL but have my main web domains ( and to be on dreamhost.

With the plans that offer custom DNS, you can point it anywhere. There is no dyndns service though.

You don’t have to have a plan that has the custom DNS panel - you can always request that support add such a record.

For dynamic DNS, the best workaround is to add a hostname within your dynamic DNS provider’s domain, and then point a CNAME to that for a record within your domain.

Are you suggesting I use an extra domain to point to my external servers, and then point my dreamhost subdomains to those? If that’s my option then I might as well just use the extra domain for all those purposes. I guess I could register domains for those things and then point my domains to those.

Do I have to request from support to do the CNAME things or can I do that myself?

Whether you can setup your own CNAME depends on what plan you have. When I had DH support set one up, it was handled pretty quickly.

In my case, I have a dynamic IP at home, so I signed up with (my home router automatically works with that service) and had the CNAME refer to that name.

How about just hosting a sub-domain with DH? That way I can keep my current domain the way it is, but use DH for some specific hosting purposes.

I have a main domain with DH, I’m just looking the ability to host some content off of a different domain.

OK, I solved the problem by making a CNAME from a subdomain of my personally hosted domain to a subdomain of my DH hosted domain. So now I can have some hosting on DH while using my already established personal domain.

It’s a decent workaround until I decide if my personal domain (and e-mail) should be moved to DH.

And, of course, this doesn’t work for web stuff because it’s a shared server and the virtual domain for my personal domain isn’t set up to forward it on. Maybe support will help me out.

Right - doing a CNAME with name-based virtual hosting will only work if the target has a unique IP. That is a pretty clean way to do it, though.

A unique IP is $4.95/mo if your plan doesn’t include it.

Support did help me out. They told me I could add whatever domains I wanted and just choose not to change the NS servers of that domain over to them. Then I can set up the subdomains and simply point them to a different DH domain. I chose to mirror one of my existing sites, and instead of a CNAME, I chose to have an A record for my domain and just use a cron script to keep it in sync w/ the mirrored domain.

Just be careful - I’m pretty sure that the mirrored domain will not always be on the same Apache instance as the domain it’s mirroring - so pointing the A record to the same IP as the main domain may not always work.