Sub-Domains & FTP Folders


So I decided I would run some PHP forums under a sub-domain, however have 2 questions on this so far.

Sub domain and PHP installation went fine, however:

  1. If I want my users to visit some thing like “” or “”, how can I do this, atm it can only be setup as as I have wordpress setup in the main root of the FTP.

  2. I use to see all files in the FTP, however I can only see the
    favicon.ico and favicon.gif files and the PHP install is telling me to delete the installtion folder.

Is it a setting since I installed into root folder to protect the files, is there a way for my ftp login to see all files?

I can get to the folders using FireFTP and FileZilla by manually entering the address however I need to know what those folders are called first :stuck_out_tongue:


  1. Create and Fully Host a subdomain and install your forum directly into that address.
    [color=#00CC00]Panel > Domains > Manage Domains > [/color][color=#0000CC]Add New Domain / Sub-Domain[/color]

  2. You will need to use the Advanced One-Click method to have access to the files.
    [color=#00CC00]Panel > Goodies > One-Click Installs > [/color][color=#0000CC]Install new website software - Advanced mode[/color]

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Ok turns out I made a subdomain for

However first I ran the one-click installer it said it failed to install as I had put it in root, so then I told it to install under the subdomain folder.

However on the second install it put it into the root directory under a folder named “forums” and left another folder which belongs to the subdomain empty.


Its very strange, but that’s ok for this forum, hosting another forum for another purpose so that can be the test install.

This would solve the FTP issue as there is nothing in there so no wonder I cannot see it haha, all working now!

Thanks DH <3