Sub-domains and MySQL

As i was learning to use panel, I added some sub-domains (i.e. and tried to set up the family tree one-clicker. I had trouble setting up this program (not for discussion right now).

I used my FTP program after I had deleted the database and the arbol sub-domain, and found there is a “log” folder in my root directory containing several databases and sub-domains I had previously bombed. I tried deleting them, but couldn’t. They seem to be read-only and I can’t change the attributes.

I would like to try to use and try the family tree program again, but it tells me it is in my DNS already, and that I cannot change that. (sounds terminal, like it’s in my DNA).

  1. How can I delete that log folder and recover my choice of sub-domains?

  2. What is the proper order of making a one-click installation (sub-domain + database in that order, database only, database + sub-domain, etc.) so people go to the correct sub-domain?


Contact support to delete the log directory (or any other file or directory owned by ‘root’ or ‘dhapache’)

The subdomains may become available again over time; but support might be able to clear them sooner.

Huh? There is no proper order. Perhaps you are confused by the fact that you have to have a hostname associated with the database; and that hostname will be a subdomain too.

Say your domain is and you want people to browse to

First setup the fully-hosted subdomain in Manage Domains.

Once you get the empty directory page in your browser, go back and go to the web panel.

From here you have a choice. You can setup the database first if you want; that way you can use PHPMyAdmin to make sure the database is setup before you do the install. Otherwise the one-click install will let you setup a new database at the same time it does the install.

Keep in mind though that database may take some time to be setup - thus if you create the database at install time, make sure to use PHPMyAdmin to check that the database is available before proceeding to the part of the install where you setup and configure the software.

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If the subdomain is listed in the panel, delete it there. Otherwise, you can FTP or SSH in and rename or move the subdomain. That should be all that is needed, if it is still complaining when you try to add it then I would suggest contacting support.

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