Sub domains and cron

I have 2 problems…

1). dreamhost wont set up a sub domain completly… Ive added a sub domain. but its just showing an error page … even though ive uploaded index page… been 30 mins or more… easily

2). After setting up another account to enable shell access, ive got a screen with 5 folders etc
So how do i actually set a cron command in this heath mess ?
Do i just add it in the space: Directory Tree: root / and hit submit ? or am i supposed to select a folder to stick it in…
Dreamhost control panel sucks asssssss !. Why cant they just give us Cpanel i never know.

What is the "error page? A “not found” means the DNS has not propagated yet. You will be “very lucky” if the subdomain is reachable via http in only 30 minutes - DNS can take “up to” several days to fully propagate. Generally a subdomain for a previously listed domain will propagate much faster, but 30 minutes is really optimistic. Be patient and wait a bit before assuming it isn’t working :wink:

As for your second question, the “whine” turns me off - check the wiki or google for the use of cron. You use it on Dreamhost the way you use it on any other nix box , and you do it through the shell.

Because they have given you , instead, a much more useful panel, as well as shell access, which combine to give you degrees of flexibility and power that are “orders of magnitude” higher than afforded by cPanel.

If you take the time to learn and become accustomed to the Dreamhost way, you will never be satisfied with the limitations of cPanel again :wink: .

Edit: BTW, it helps others more easily find answers in the forum if you break two seperate questions into two seperate posts - this really should have been two threads.


now tell me somthing i dont know !..

dreamhost panel is foo ! Its ugly, Awkward and retarded in the extreeme… Having to set up another user in order to get access to shell is arse backwards in anyones eyes.

Ok. Since you asked. I’ll tell you three things you obviously don’t know:

  1. The problems you are having are related more to your lack of knowlege than the design or implementation of any “panel”. This is evidenced by both your questions.

  2. Only your ignorance would lead you to believe that you have to set up another user to get access to the shell - you do not (go figure it out for yourself!); you are “arse backwards.”

  3. You also don’t know how to ask for help in an intelligent manner or how to handle the answers you receive with any degree of style. This might be fixable, in your case, if you trouble yourself to read, and embrace, this classic piece if internet literature designed to provide some “clues” to the “clueless”

Of course, that is only “three things”, and I have no doubt there are others - Good Luck!


Wow, Rlparker. That’s nicer than I would have put it. Good job.

Yes, I have an opinion.

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Here is a mirror of one of my all-time favorite pages:

(contains some profanity)

Ha! Thanks for that! :smiley: I’m gonna add that one to my own collection. Just great!


So, I gather you don’t think I was too hard on him/her/it? I suppose I could have/should have told him/her/it how to enable the shell for a user…but I’d just had enough :frowning:


It’s, like, right there when he first creates the user. That he’d rather rant about how much the control panel sucks than actually go back and look at the thing isn’t your problem. Although, it is rather obviously explained, if he’d actually bothered to look for information on it, rather than just complaining because DH won’t let him… but that’s neither here nor there.

Yes, I have an opinion.

Get a minimum 50% off with the “haveadreamyday” promo code, and… have a dreamy day. Original, no?

Hard to say really, but IMHO you weren’t. All I know is that I typically get pretty friendly responses, and a lot of help when seeking it on various forums.

Basically I just conduct myself the same way I would if I were speaking to someone in person. The Internet has changed a little since I learned proper etiquette too.

Compared to the smackdowns people would serve up on usenet and irc, you were tame. :slight_smile:

Note to self: Always try to stay on good terms with rlparker :wink:


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he he he… :smiley:

and to think I had actually wondered if I was “too hard” on this twit. I guess my instinct was “spot on”, eh? :wink:


Man, I do hope this was aimed at me too, I haven’t been called a ‘kid’ in decades :slight_smile:


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So I guess it’s safe to assume that you’ve found somewhere else to ask for any help in the future? You do know that sort of reaction just feeds fires right? Oh well, best of luck to you.