Sub Domain?

My domain is

I want to add

How do I go about this? What do I need to know? What folders do i need to make, and where?

Thanks in Advance!


Chad Bonanno
Designer + Animator

You don’t need to add any folders. You goto your control panel, find domain then manage domains, Click on add new domain/subdomain.

My website

So i have a few questions if you dont mind. The FTP user is the ONLY one tht acn access that sub domain correct?

Another question, the SPECIFY YOUR WEB DIRECTORY, if I wan , do i enter /home/username/aya or do i put /home/username/

I dont know why I am having a problem here, should be straight forward. thanks for your help!

Chad Bonanno
Designer + Animator

It is possible to set up other ftp users if you want but only these users can access the site via ftp.

when setting up a subdomain you can choose whatever folder you want and change the folder later if you want. Easiest just to name the subdomain and it will set it up for you, the default is the same as the subdomain.

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when I check it out in the webFTP , i show that its as ROOT/AYA

an AYA folder is in my root (should this folder be named instead? )

But when I put a file in there, likean index, nothing happens. It gives me a page cannot be displayed.

Sorry if I a making this out to be more confusing that it is.

thanks for the help guys

Chad Bonanno
Designer + Animator

under manage domains choose edit for and check the folder name it should be /home/username/aya

If not either change the name of the folder in root to match or change the name of the folder in the panel. The actual folder name doesn’t matter so long as they match.

Also it may take a while for the domain to become fully active. I created one today and it took a good few hours before I could browse to it.

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