Sub Domain?



I’m farely new when it comes to domains and stuff,I know how to make a subdomain but I have seen some sites that have kind of subdomain.

How exactly do you make a subdomain like that? Is there any tut or something? Thanks




Under Manage Domains, choose to add a new domain / sub-domain. Just type in the sub-domain you want and fully host it as you would with a normal domain name.

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Just to expand on what Jewels wrote;

Unlike many hosts, DreamHost does not configure sub-Domains as sub-directories of the parent domain. Each sub-domain on DreamHost gets it’s own web accessable directory in your home directory and for all practical purposes can be considered the same as a full domain.

For example; If you have the domain already hosted on dreamhost and you add the sub-domain, your home directory will contain the following directories.


You can then upload the relevant site files to these directories.


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thanks for the info guys helped me alot :),now that I got this subdomain going I was wondering how some sites get there subdomains under their main domain in google search.

ie: when you search yahoo in google search you get:
Mail - The best web-based email! -
Finance -
Radio -
Movies -
More results from »

How do you get your subdomains listed like that under your main domain? Does google do it or do you have to edit something on your htaccess?





I think this is ‘a Google thing’, if they have multiple sub-domains indexed and Google think they are related, that is how they are displayed.

About the only thing I can think of that might help would be to make sure that the sub-domains have related content and are well linked to each other.


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