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How do i set up a sub domain. Once set up will i be able to use a redirect to that subdomain independent of the main domain? Will I be able to set up a separate blog under the subdomain


Sub-domanis and domains are added through the panel > Doamins > Manage Domains. Each domain and sub-domain is complete seperate from the next. You may choose to ‘fully host’ a (sub)domain, mirror, or redirect it.



the point you suggest only allows me to enter a NEW domain plus subdomain. I already have a domain to which i want to add sub and I cannot see how or where to do this?

the choices are : fully hosted, redirect, mirroring, parked, cloaked but nowhere to add a subdomain?


Yes, just use that one form to add a new sub-domain. It looks like it’s just for Dommains, but I promise it will also work perfectly for sub-domains.



It’s pretty simple, just type in “” you wish to use, select Fully Host This Domain and away you go.

Of course remember to substitute the above with the sub.domain you wish to use.

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sorry but i tried that ie and it says this domain is already registered? any combination that includes my main domain is not accepted?
I am doing this on the Domain Registration page


That is your problem. Sub-domains do not need to be registered, only the parent domain needs to be registered.

However, sub-domains do need to be added to the DreamHost system.

Domains -> Manage Domains -> Add New Domain / Sub-Domain


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When you add them via “Add New Domains” (not “Register a Domain”), a subdomain works just like a separate domain, and you can do all of the same things with it including full hosting, redirection, parking, etc.

– Dan