Sub-domain to domain


Hi there,

New to this forum and it seems like a great community of people willing to help- great to be a part of it.

So, here is my problem:

I recently registered a sub-domain to start developing a new website I had in mind. As the designing is coming to a close I’d like to transfer the sub-domain to work with another domain name ( I recently registered so that viewers don’t have to go to the sub-domain to view the site.

So, in essence this is what needs to happen: needs to become the newly registered

All domains are registered with Dreamhost so there does not need to be a transfer of any sort (I believe).

Many thanks for all your help.



Are those two domains hosted under the same user? If so, you can simply “mv /home/username/ /home/username/”

If you have configurations pointing to /home/username/, you will need to manually update them.


I don’t understand what you mean by that, but YES both subdomain and domain are on the same dreamhost account.

Can you clear up what you said?



it sounds like you may be accessing via FTP only.

The instructions he gave you are for a shell session via a telnet client, if the user is set up for shell access you could do it that way.

With FTP you may be able to move a sub-directory from one domain to the other, or you may have to download and re-upload to the other folder.


Why are you guys making this so hard for the noobs? Just set up to be a fully hosted domain. Then ftp into your account and rename the folder to somethingelse and then rename to Be sure to update any configuration files or paths on your website to reference instead of the sub-domain and you would be all set.