Sub-domain question


In which format must these be? On your ‘add domain/subdomain’ section in the Panel it mentions the format will look something like:

Is there any way it can be more like: ? (ie, subdomain comes after main domain)

And does the subdomain work exactly like a main domain and require the same set up (installing Wordpress, using a framework (I use Genesis from Studiopress) etc. Setting up shouldn’t be a problem but I’ve always just registered brand new domains and set things up completely separately, so I’m a bit lost with the whole notion of subdomains. Any help is much appreciated.

Karen / Chromama


That would be a subfolder (subdirectory), you can redirect a subdomain to a subfolder if you want (or vice-versa).

Yes, setting up something like wordpress on a subdomain works exactly the same as setting it up on a main domain.


Ah, I see - thanks. So just forge ahead and create the subdomain and then wander back in here tomorrow with my tail between my legs and ask for help creating the sudirectory? LOL.

Gosh I’m glad forums like this exist!

Karen / Chromama


When you create a subdomain via DreamHost’s panel, it will automatically make the folder structure for you.

I suspect you’re confused because other webhosts will put a subdomain in a folder off your main site (i.e will run out of /home/user/public_html/subdomain)

For DreamHost, we segregate our domains and subdomains a little more.

Your main site ( would be in /home/user/

Your subdomain will be in /home/user/

Does that help?


If you want the subdirectory to redirect to the subdomain then yes. :wink:

If you want it the other way round, ie. the subdomain to redirect to the subdirectory then install wordpress (or whatever) in that particular subdirectory.

I’d add to that that it is good practice to use different users for the main domain and the subdomain, this way if one part of the site gets compromised the other doesn’t automatically get compromised too. Though this may be a little over you head if you’re just getting started with setting up a site, on the other hand doing things right from the start is a good thing.


Alright, subdomain painlessly set up. Once again grateful I discovered Dreamhost, the Panel makes it way easy.

This will probably demonstrate my supreme ignorance but I had assumed that a subdomain of ‘eats’ would look something like or (still confused about the redirection/subfolder thing though). It worked perfectly but it’s now, LOL. I know it’s because I need to hold the domain to if I want it to look like…this is about where I started to question my decision to attempt to do this all at 2am.

I’ve been blogging on and off for years but it seems there’s always something else I feel like a total dunce for not knowing! If someone can walk me through my options from here (and I mean walk me through like I’m a blind person and we’re standing in a field of landmines) including any step by step instructions I’d be really, really grateful. But not in a creepy weird way.

Thanks again,


You’re not a dunce :slight_smile: It’s just new to you, that’s all.

Subdomains are sub.domain.tld, so’s subdomains will be and so on (or www.eats, though I don’t recommend that)

If you wanted then you need to create a subdomain of ‘chromama’ off of the domain is just as simple as making a folder called ‘eats’ under /home/user/ :slight_smile:


I love how you say ‘it’s just as simple as’ - LOL. Can you point me to the exact location in Panel? Thankfully I am fairly familiar with what that all means but there are a few unfamiliar terms and I’d hate to stuff it up somewhere.

Thanks again


That would actually be done via FTP or SSH.

If you use FTP, then it’s really just like making a folder on your desktop, only you use the FTP interface instead of your windows explorer/mac finder.


I’ve actively avoided FTP for months, LOL. I’ll read the wiki though - thanks. I’ll probably be back soon, sobbing :stuck_out_tongue:



FTP only looks spooky. It’s really just like adding files and folders on your home computer (because secretly? That’s what you’re doing on our server, which is just a fancy computer).