Sub-Domain not playing video :(

Am I missing something here? I just set up a sub-domain and placed video on the “sample work” page the same way I did for our regular domain…but the videos don’t play. In Firefox it forces you to download the video and in Safari there’s just gobooley text.

I did compress the files with streaming on…

I didn’t do the compressions differently so I can only guess that it has to do with the set-up on the server. What am I missing?

Regular domain:

It sounds like you’re talking about Streaming Quicktime. If that’s the case, the movie files need to be on their own subdomain. You can keep for those pages, but put the .mp4 files on (or another subdomain name) by going to the Panel under Goodies and set up Media Streaming.

I’ve used Streaming video before, but have used .mov for my file extensions. I don’t know if that matters or not. I then gave up on that and made non-streaming videos since I wasn’t able to get the right combination of size and quality for streaming and I didn’t mind if people downloaded and kept the videos.


On our it does stream…but we don’t have “quicktime streaming services” set up (when you look in the control panel) It just works…I always has. So the fact that the subdomain doesn’t work is really bizaar because the compresssion is identical and the posting is identical…the only difference is that it’s a sub-domain. I’M SO CONFUSED!

You aren’t actually “streaming” anything. Since you are relying on simple links, you are actually seeing progressive downloading.

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Right. So why does it work on the main domain, but not on the subdomain?

Also, what is the benefit to use the Quicktime Streaming service over progressive downloading?

But more importantly…why isn’t it working?

Ok…even weirder…

I just set up the SAME page with the SAME files on the domain…and it works! (doesn’t work) (works)


can you not do progressive downloads on a sub-domain?