Sub-domain issue

(I thought I had posted this already, so I am truncating this one as this is the third time I have had to type it!)

I recently added a sub-domain via the control panel and the bottom line is that I cannot seem to turn it off. It still appears to be functioning regardless of what option I choose in the control panel, including deleting it altogether. When I try to enter the URL that the sub-domain was mapped (not sure if thats the right term) to - it still tries to go to the sub-domain (ie. still points to which now gives a 404). I thought it might be a DNS propagation issue, and so I waited 24 hours and still no luck.

How can I just turn off the sub-domain and restore the normal “geography” of my site? I figure its something simple I am overlooking. Thanks in advance.


If I read your post right. The reason why your folder is getting the 404 error is because the sub directory does not exist anymore. If your folder was pointing to the subdirectory, then there should be a .htaccess file in the folder. This file maybe hidden if your ftp program was not set to see hidden files.

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Perhaps I was too brief… or maybe I dont understand your post. Either way - I’ll try to make it clearer.

I had added a “fully-hosted” sub-domain - and pointed it to the sub-directory on the server /home/username/ (that where the Joomla admin console is). Certain parts of the console weren’t working properly (not sure why that is either) but they were all working fine before I created the sub-domain and so I figured I just needed to turn it off - which I did.

So the physical directory /home/username/ is still very much there and I used to be able to navigate to it by simply typing, but now it (still) tries to re-direct to me to and then I get a 404 page.

Make sense? I just want to get rid of the altogether and go back to using (But it wont let me).


Never mind - problem solved. It was an .htaccess problem and I had forgotten I had messed with it to try and get things to work properly and never changed it back.

Thanks for the quick repsonse anyways !