Sub-Domain delegation possible?

I tried to set up a sub-domain delegation in DH’s control panel, but haven’t found a way to do it.

Can it be done?

Have you tried Account Privileges?

No, this has nothing to do with domain delegation. I’m sorry, I guess I was not clear enough in my question.

What I want is to set up two completely different nameservers (other than ‘’ or ‘’) for a sub-domain of mine.

When you have a domain hosted somewhere (say, ‘’), but a sub-domain hosted elsewhere (like ‘’), this is called ‘domain delegation’…

I’m not sure whether I can help you or not, but a search on Google showed up the following instructions:

Though, I suppose you’ll need a VPS at DH for that and I can’t guarantee it’s allowed.

Another simple option would be adding a CNAME, but I do think that’s too less for your case.

If you’re trying to point a subdomain of a domain hosted here to another nameserver, the correct way to do this is by creating one or more NS records for that subdomain in the DNS editor. You can access this by clicking the “DNS” link under a domain in Domain > Manage Domains.