Sub-Domain Chmod Folder

Ok so I know how to create a sub-domain and all, but…I got like 3 friends I would like to grant access to the sub-domain, and be able to upload anything they like, BUT I’m trying to set it so like I’m master of it and can chmod the folder or files so they can ONLY upload and not delete, that way these 3 people can’t delete eachothers uploads if they wanted to…anyone know anything about this would be GREATLY appreciated!

I’m not going to tell you that it cannot be done, I will say what you are trying here is pretty complicated. All the information you need can be found in the first three articles listed in this Dreamhost Wiki search.

Trust me, it’ll be a mess to administer.

Dreamhost allows you to have as many subdomains as you want at no additional charge…why not just give each of your friends their own sub-domain and be done with it? You can still “manage” their files as a “master” by just using their user/pass (which you have access to because they are set-up under your account - see the Manage Users screens), and you’ll spare yourself all the convoluted chmodding, groups creation and assignment, cron runs to reset appropriate permissions, re-mapping of subdirs, etc…

Just my opinion- YMMV


I think what makes this request much easier is the fact that the poster only wants to make sure that they don’t delete each others’ files. The first Wiki article on Groups explains how to set this up. By making the directory group writable, they can upload. Whatever they upload is not group writable, so the other user(s) won’t be able to delete their file.

Unless the original poster wants some sort of superuser control of what’s uploaded, it’s straightforward. Although being the owner of the plan, the original poster will have access to the other users’ passwords, so if necessary, the owner can log in under these other accounts and make any changes.


That’s a good point Scott! I had to go back and re-read the original post to distill it down to that method, but what you propose ought to work well enough for his purposes.

Thanks for looking into it deeper and pointing the way! :slight_smile: