Sub-domain and server account


I would like to know if it is possible to have a sub-domain on a different server/account with DreamHost then the real domain is on. I own/manage several Dreamhost servers/accounts and this might be a good way to spread the load a bit if needed.

Server/Account A has and is registered/setup there
Server/Account B has

Thanks, Ron

My vote is No and Yes.

Directly on Account B you won’t be able to add to the account. This is because is owned by Account A.

You could tho perhaps on account A make point to using a CNAME record. In most cases web apps like WP or phpBB can be configured with the host so that the end user will see in url bar when they are really using resources at

No, it is not possible to create subdomains of a domain that is on one DreamHost account under a different DreamHost account.

The only situation where you should be in control of multiple DreamHost accounts is if those accounts correspond to separate businesses or organizations you manage that all happen to use DreamHost. So long as these organizations are actually separate from each other, I cannot see any reason why they would need to share domains in this fashion. (If they are actually so closely related that they share domain names, they should probably be on the same account.)

If your site needs more resources than are available on a DreamHost shared hosting account, you can (and should) upgrade to a DreamHost VPS or Dedicated Server. It is possible to split domains and subdomains across multiple servers, so long as it remains within a single account.

Thanks guys,

As Andrew suggests that is what I expect in the future will happen, VPS or dedicated, though a problem would be I have no technical skill when it comes to server management.
I read over time a few posts here and elsewhere, regarding dedicated servers and just don’t see myself going in to the server and doing all that technical stuff, if I don’t know what it all means or does.

I manage accounts that are my own, but with different aspects of bsinesses. That is why I have multiply accounts but they are under the same main login/panel