Sub domain and ftp

I just signed up for my own account. I have been using dreamhost on a school relatec account. My issues

  1. subdomain… I tried to set up a subdomain under my main domain… possibly I don’t understand this… should I have put my maindomain first like I just put the last two sections.

  2. I have been using netbeans for file upload etc… set it up okay with my school account… trying to upload to my subdomain… is the hostname the subdomain??? I went to the wikki and i’m still not getting in.

  3. I have a website and mysql database still on my school account. Is it possible to move both to my account… or import.
    Thanks for any help possible.


  1. To host subdomain on DH, you need to first host your maindomain. First add to your hosting plan. Then add to your hosting plan. Subdomain is always prefixed to your main domain name.

  2. The hostname is your subdomain name (if you’ve set up your subdomain correctly with your hosting plan)

  3. Yes.