Sub-dirs don't show up unless I remap them

I’ve noticed something odd that I’ve never encountered anywhere else. I like the feature of mapping a sub-dir, but I find that I NEED to use it.

With my domains (all 4 of them) when I create a subdirectory in WS-FTP and upload content into it, I can’t just go to, I have to first go in the web panel and remap the sub-dir to point there.

I was using it for a while but now I’m getting really fed up of mapping sub-dirs. I don’t think this work-around should be the norm. What am I doing wrong here? I’ve looked through the KB for days and couldnt’ find anything.

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that shouldn’t be the norm, no! I can’t figure what you’d be doing to have that problem either.

You said you were creating the new sub directories under the domain directory right? Like /


Maybe my issue is similar. I want another FTP user to upload to a subfolder. Just making them a user didn’t give them access to I went to domains/manage/web edit and changed the web directory to /home/newFTPuser/ When I looked at the domain as if I were the newFTPuser I don’t see any subdirectory- just the domain. So I have (correctly??) remapped the sub directory and I’m waiting for the server to reload. I don’t think I should have to do that.