Sub Directories Stopped Working

Up until yesterday all my sub-directories worked just fine. I have two main domains, and i run a lot of smaller sites under one main one. So i store the smaller sites on one domain and may subdomains that cloak the true address of the other domain. These worked fine up until yesterday and its annoying.

Today i noticed that even the sub domains on the same domain as the cloaked sub don’t work either. So none of the people that visit my sites can access them. Why would my subdomains stop working I haven’t moved anything changed anything on these sites in about 8 days. So it wasn’t anything i did. I tried also on IE to see if maybe it was a kink in Firefox but nope they dun work. I am having to type in the whole main address.

any ideas, thoughs, comments, help?


what server are you on?

Server. Dreamhost i think if that isn’t a server i do not know. how can i get that information?

I would really like some help here. I have about 15 sub domains that clients need access too. I do not know what you mean by which server I am on but i doubt that it actually matters. I need help because i get a domain cloaking error and they all worked just fine three days ago.

If you go into your webpanel and click to Domains > Manage, you will see a list of all your domains and subdomains. Towards the right-hand side of the screen will be a column called “server” which is helpful when people are trying to help you figure out what’s going on.

In the mean time (if you haven’t already), you should submit a ticket to support (Support > Contact Support) and be sure to designate your urgency as a site outage (there is a pull-down menu). They should get back to you pretty quickly.

I’ve been getting these cloaking errors as well.

First, here is the error received. The problem is intermittent, by the way. The error:

[code]Domain Cloaking Error
We’re sorry, we had a problem with our web panel when you set up cloaking for your domain!
Please go to the DreamHost Web Panel’s Domain > Web area and click the [Edit] link next to to re-configure cloaking.

Error: no domain [/code]
Support is not able to verify the problem. Here is a cut and paste from my last email to support. My server is named “Happy”, but all of my cloaked domains are aparently using the server named “lb1”

Still intermittent. Another note: It always seems to be two out of the total 5 cloaked domains which get the cloaking errors. AND IT IS NOT ALWAYS THE SAME ONES. And as I reported in my previous email, at least in the example of today, did not work, yet DID. Also, as seen in my settings, each cloaked domain is set to use the address with OR without adding www in the URL.

Now as of typing this sentence, it is and which are getting the error. And just before this sentence, it was and which were having the error.

A strange, but important note now: Adding www to DID NOT allow me to reach the site. So adding www DOES NOT always work.

And now again, while typing this sentence, does not work, yet DOES.

I can’t find the pattern, but there IS definitely a problem here.

Thank you