Sub 4 is Still Not Working


I am trying to run a business with failing email and it is nearly impossible. My email on the Dreamhost server is no longer coming through Outlook, and when I access Webmail, it is confusing, and switching to the Sent folder takes…for…everrrr… You need to get this situation fixed NOW!


This is common with shared hosting it is likely a result of the sub4 ip address being blacklisted due to spam. You get what you pay for and shared hosting is budget hosting. If you have business critical needs you might consider an upgrade to a VPS or other solution.

Also Dreamhost does not provide support here this is mostly user to user.


A VPS won’t do diddly squat for e-mail. You can technically set up your own mail server on a VPS but it’s considered an unsupported configuration by DreamHost.


I pay another company for email services but would like to get away from that. I’ve never trusted DH email but I have put a few domains that I don’t care about on DH email. I’d like to see what happens after the current issues are resolved.

If you’re going to setup an email server, use DreamCompute, not VPS. I’ve seriously looked down that path. There is a loud and compelling volume of people who have done this advising “don’t do it”. Even as a technician I’ve felt compelled to heed that warning until now. But with the latest DH folly I’m now putting more trust in myself than them and will pursue the DIY option, at least for those domains I don’t care much about.

So there’s some advice about alternate services, DIY, and where to or not to host your own services.


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