Styles not changing when using CSS Editor

I’ve had only limited success using the Jetpack-supplied CSS Editor (Appearance > Edit CSS). When editing my theme’s appearance, some attributes change while others do not.

I’m using the Duster theme and I’ve attempted to change the look of my h1 tags. If I edit the CSS to have header text that has huge red letters in the Times font, the font changes but the color and size do not. Here’s the revised h1 style:

h1 {
color: #ff0202;
size: 3em;
font-family: times;

Are some elements of a theme locked down? Would I get better results creating a child theme?

It’s possible that there are other more specific CSS rules in your theme which affect the same tags you’re trying to modify. Using your web browser’s inspector may help you determine what these are, and how to override them.

Thanks for the reply, Andrew. I’ve looked at the page using Chrome’s developer tools, and hoo boy, it ain’t easy sorting through all that code inherent with a WordPress page. I still haven’t found where the conflict is, but I’ll keep looking. Using the developer tools is a skill I’ve been meaning to master for a while now, so this’ll be a good exercise.

[quote]You may lack some elements:

Here is a sample header css.[/quote]

Because it’s a “sample” you could basically throw any css in there.


You’re on the right track using inspector tools. If you need further help, you should post a thread in the theme’s dedicated support forum on, if you are using one of the free themes provided there.

Duster theme support is here:

Keep in mind that the Duster theme is an old theme (it hasn’t been updated in over 2 years), so things may eventually break.

If you are using a commercial theme, you should contact your vendor for support, as you paid for support when you bought the theme.