Style messed up?


I just installed the AcidTech style on my forum, and after making it the default, I can no longer post threads, log into the administrator control panel, or make changes in the user control panel. The only form that it will accept entries is the login screen. That is, I can enter my admin username and password and log on to the forum. I can navigate from there, but any time I try to submit anything (a post, or a save of a change in the ucp), it tells me that the form is invalid, and in the case of the acp, it says that I require my password to log in, even though I’ve entered the valid password.

Since I can’t change anything now, I can’t go back to another style to fix this.

Is there an easy solution to this? Can I reinstall phpBB overtop of the existing install, and go back to default on everything? Will I need to delete the domain? If so, won’t that waste the free domain registration I received when I signed up?

BTW, I used the Easy Mode to install the phpBB that’s on their currently.

Let me know what the domain of the forum is, and I’ll reset the style to the default.