Stupid question

Launching my 2nd dreamhost site. I created the new domain and installed wordpress, and I’m in the process of porting over my old wordpress site that was hosted by my school. For my first site, I installed WP to the top level domain but for this one I decided to stash it in a subdirectory. I’d like to do a very basic splash page to give new arrivals to option to click through to the new WP directory or to an external site. I realize I could do this by hand coding and uploading an html file to the directory but I thought I’d give concrete5 a whirl. Unfortunately, I can’t install it from my panel to the top level directory because it’s not empty (the WP database is already there).

Is there any way around this? I’m not too far along in importing my old site, so I could wipe it out and start over if I had to. Or, if it’s not too complicated, I could backup and restore the whole thing. I welcome any suggestions.

Thanks, Mike.

I would install concret5 in a different subdirectory of the top level for example ‘content’.

Then when you get everything working like you want it to with concret5 put a redirect on your top level domain to http://domainname/content/
which you can do from the panel.

Ah, that would work. Thanks.