Stupid Question

I cannot figure this out for the life of me.

When you have a file in a sub-folder, like a news folder, what is the path to your highest directory? I have a an shtml file in my news folder, and in my root folder, I have all of my SHTML left and right menu files. When I use something like “[!–#include file=“header.shtml” --]” in the file that is in the sub folder, it never imbeds my left menu in the page because I have the path wrong to the root directory with the SHTML file. So, does anyone know the path to linking to a higher directory? I tried many different paths, but none ever worked.

Thanks in advance.

Thank you, that worked. :smiley:

What about PHP includes, though, in a .php file?

ex: [?PHP include(“header.shtml”);?]

Same thing. / takes you to the root dir in Unix, \ to the root dir in Windows. …/ will take you up a directory branch.