Stupid Question of the Week: Disk Usage

Starting about three weeks ago, I noticed that on the Disk Usage Control Panel page, the top section labelled “Disk Usage by User” reports a 100MB lower disk limit than the plan allows - as now flagged at the top summary with “Total Provided.”

I know it’s a trivial amount, given the ludicrous disk quota I now have and the Level 3 increment of 120MB/week, I’m simply curious.

Any idea if the script changed and someone dropped a decimal point?

“Disk Uasge by User” always used to agree with “Total Provided.”


Are your disk limits shown in brown - not explicitly set, constrained by overall plan limits? Mine are explicitly set, so they’ve been different than Total Provided for a long time.

No. I haven’t set any disk limits on the account.

The value has been increasing with the weekly increment, it’s just that for the last three weeks or so, it’s reporting 100MB less than the plan total.

And what is it with the “brown” values? Mine don’t show in brown… the column data under “Disk Limit” is an active link so it shows (in my case) what color my browser renders a visited link.

Just what is supposed to show in brown/red? The column header?

Maybe the weekly increase in plan limit is out of synch just under a week from the user quota update…

I’m just guessing at a script glitch. Nothing earthshattering.

Or maybe the same folks who are taking the half-cent roundoffs of my rewards are also getting the 100MB roundoffs of your disk space? :slight_smile:

Now that is something I can believe! :slight_smile: