Stupid question for new Dreamhoster

Ok this is dumb but I was hoping someone could help.

I just signed up for Dreamhost this morning. I did get a new domain and I do understand everything about DNS propagation, FTP, uploading, etc. My domain was active within the hour and I am able to FTP through my domain. What I want to know though is that I’ve uploaded my site but it won’t load the index.html automatically (i.e. if someone just types in in the address bar), if I do an absolute path for it in my address bar it’s fine and I can see the index.html file just dandy. Is this a time issue, do I just need to wait? or am I doing something wrong?

Any help would be appreciated.

I might not got a handle of your problem, but DNS propagation is different for different people. It all depends on how often and when their ISP’s update their DNS information.

Before now I have waited more than 48 hours before I pass information on a new domain onto people, and there is still occasionaly very small minority who still can not see it.

NTL in the UK are notorious for this…

I use as a check to see if everthing with a new domain is peachy…

The domain in your post works fine for me

did you try index.htm? .html might not be set to the default page. usually i use index.php, or index.htm, but if you really must have index.html, you should be able to add it with the .htaccess file.

No, index.html works fine, and is the traditional standard name for a main index… .htm is the dumbed-down Microsoftism version of the file extension, and it lowers your IQ 20 points every time you use it.

– Dan