Stupid How To question

I am sorry for asking this but before I bother the great people at Dreamhost here’s a stupid question from someone who knows not much…

I currently am hosting about 5 domains under one hosting account. Two of which just redirect to two of the others and one which I just recently started hosting and want to go live with. So to make a long story short, I am trying to achieve 3 sites all connected together but all hosted under one account.

So far my developer has been the one that setup everything since he has been the only one that needed access to these domains…well that was until now.

I have this one domain which I am going to have another developer do some work on (which will be the third site). My question is, how do I create a username for this new developer and only give him access to only the directories (well the site) which he will be working on? If I create a username and password for him, will this not give him access to every single one of my websites? (the other two that are active now)

To make this question clearer (I am confusing myself) I have and currently live. (each their own seperate sites but under one hosting plan) I recently added to this plan. Another developer besides the one I have been using will be working on - I want to give him access to do what he has to do (it will be a store by the way so he needs access to quite alot I am guessing) without giving him access to the directories that hold the prior two sites.

If someone is not confused by my overemphasized explanation and can give me a quick how to manage your sites for dummies step by step, I would greatly appreciate it.

P.S. I have to have all this for them by the end of the week.


Sorry I don’t have the time to walk you through but I have read rather detailed guide in the Knowledge Base (maybe in more than 1 article though). Have you checked that out? Hope this helps. - Gung-ho Web Hosting :: $7.95/mo for 2,400 MB Disk and 120 GB Transfer

Okay, I will try the infobase, thanks

go to the web panel and in the left hand navigation click through Users > Users

on that page click the link at the bottom of the main area [ Add New User ]

from the next page that loads you will be able to create the new user, pass, and designate them as a shell or FTP only type user

Once you’ve set up a new user (this may take a while before this user can actually login via FTP/shell) you can go again to the panel’s left navigation and click through to Domains > Manage. Once that page loads you should see your list of domains, under the one you’d like to make available to the new user you’ll need to find the row that says “Web (Site is ‘mirror’.)” (or “Web[Upload To Site]” depending on whether the domain is currently fully hosted or mirroring another) and follow that row to the right where you’ll click the [ Edit ] link.

That will take you to the page where you will want to designate the domain as “Fully Hosted” and set user dropdowns for the “web Directory”, “Logs Directory” and " All CGI should run as user" spots to the newly created user’s space.

Again, this action will take some time to get up to speed and fully functional.

You will now be able to give that user the keys to this isolated house.

If you find that the new developer needs more control over the account and need to allow him/her access to your web panel (to manage databases or somesuch), that can be done as well, but that’s another long post :slight_smile:


Hey thanks Jason, now this is step by step…thanks again

I wouldn’t have used separate domains for some of that stuff… I’m an advocate of the use of logically structured subdomains (something which Dreamhost makes it easy to do), so, for instance, I would have used for a store associated with, rather than, which is the sort of thing I refer to as a “Stupid Unnecessary Domain Name” because it serves a function that would be done more logically with a subdomain. (More info)

– Dan