Stuck in account pending mode. No response from support


I’m trying to set up an account, but it’s stuck in “account pending” mode. The link to “have us call you” to approve the account immediately doesn’t work - it just brings you back to the page you’re on w/o initiating a call. My support request # is: 6237862

The account is paid for, it’s just stuck.

Dreamhosts approvals dept is only in during business hours monday thru friday. That is now but I think they usually have a list of these from the weekend to get thru, you should hear from them soon tho.

I am still in pending too. It has been 24 hours but I don’t really feel like waiting much longer.

Are you still stuck in pending? I’ve found myself in the same situation and wondered how long I’m looking at having to wait to get any response from technical support?

It’s so nice of Dreamhost to make it clear that accounts and responses from technical support can take 24 hours plus, (rather than the 3 hours claimed in the wiki), and that they take the money from your bank account straight away with no easy refund option so you are not able to go elsewhere (im my case I was charged twice for 2 months for a dedicated server on an account I can’t do anything with yet as it’s still pending)… oh wait, they don’t tell you that!

A common complaint on Sunday’s and Monday’s. The dreamhost dept that approves those stuck in pending is a business day dept… meaning they are in during normal business hours PST (gmt-8) monday thru friday. They seem to always have a backlog on monday as well. One would hope they would give your case early consideration due to the size of the transaction.