Stuck configuring Substruct Rails Application



I’ve configured my own Ruby on Rails environment on my shared server at DreamHost by following the guide here: .

Then I installed Substruct 1.0 a2 per .

Then I changed each shebang (#!) reference to my own rails environment at /home/myusername/.packages/bin/ruby.

Next, I edited my database.yml and ran rake substruct:db:bootstrap which successfully created the database structure in MySQL.

Lastly, I changed .htaccess to use fcgi, and performed a chmod 755 dispatch.fcgi.

Then I execute ./dispatch.fcgi which seems to run fine.

Everything up to this point looks good and doesn’t give me any errors on the screen. However, when I browse to the Substruct location ( I get a lovely error:

Application Error
Rails application failed to start properly

Does anyone have any ideas? After about a week of fooling around I can only get this far, and now I’m in a bit of a time crunch!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.