Strictly Business Question

I couldn’t decide whether to post this here or in eCommerce…

My jobs’ site has been hosted on the Frickin Crazy, Super Insanie plan or whatever it’s called, and so far, I’ve been really happy with DH. I’m not much of a webmaster, I just happened to be the guy around the office who knew something about computers so the job of upgrading the old crusty site fell to me, so forgive me if these are really dumb questions. Anyways, I’ve been considering trying my hand at eCommerce (as a private business, not related to and would very much like to host my site with DH. I have been researching this venture quite a bit and have most of it figured out with the exception of a few details. I’ve searched this forum and the Internet and have had a hard time answering the following questions:

Can I buy the “Crazy Domain Insane” package, add the $5/month secure server and effectively run an osCommerce site from it, or must I run an eCommerce site from the “Strictly Business” plan? I don’t plan on having a huge amount of traffic initially and it would seem to save me a lot of money, then upgrade later if I need to. Is there something I’m missing?

Also, will DH let me add additional domains to the same “Crazy Domain Insane” package later on if I want to add more sites? I know I can add sub domains, but can I add a new domain to the same plan without additional charges (except the domain registration, and assuming I don’t exceed bandwidth and space maximums)?

Finally, will all merchant accounts work with all shopping carts? Example, “Bank XYZ only works with Miva, and Bank ABC will not work with osCommerce”?

Thanks for any information and/or insight anyone can provide.

Thanks, Bob! I must have looked at that comparison page a thousand times, but I never noticed that domain addon option. I really appreciate you taking the time to reply.