just a lil bit consern, if my site features 64kps sound quality with 500kb to 2mb of file size and have 6000-10000 users per month. does this matter with my hosting? does this web steaming will cause our site hosting to be deactivated or suspended?

10000*2MB = 20 000 MB

It’s below dreamhost limits, so you can host this.

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I don’t have problem to connect to this address.

Try on another pc/connexion

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Given the figures you have stated above, your bandwidth requirements should be around 20GB per month, well within the quota limit of even the level 1 DreamHost plan.

However, there are more resources involved in shared hosting than bandwidth, you must also make sure your site does not consume excessive amounts of CPU time and/or system memory. The general rule is, if your site is not adversely affecting others on your shared server then you should be fine.

Also, it is your responsibility to make sure that your content is legal under the laws of the United States and is not infringing any copyright.

If you comply with all of the above, your site(s) should be fine here at DreamHost. :wink:


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your bandwidth requirements should be around 20GB per month

Don’t get it :frowning: In plan “L1, 2years” stated that 185 GB and Automatically Increases Weekly By 1 GB of bandwidth.

And How would i know if my site are consuming lot of CPU process.

If that would happen, does my site domain that violates will be suspended or the entire plan and other domain hosted under my plan will be suspended?

Yes, the level 1 plan provides 185GB per month and this limit increase by 1GB per week, as a kind of ‘loyalty bonus’ for staying with DreamHost. This is far more bandwidth than would be consumed by 10,000 users per month streaming a 2MByte file. Note: if you use a promo-code (any promo-code) when signing up, your initial bandwidth quota for the level 1 plan will be 200GByte per month.

I don’t think bandwidth will be a problem for you, except perhaps if you have too many simultaneous users attempting to stream your files. Remember, this is a shared hosting system, so you will also be subject to variations in streaming performance if other users on your shared server use excessive machine resources.

You can enable CPU resource logging via the admin panel, this allows you to keep an eye on CPU usage and, if needed, optimise your site to reduce such usage.

I can’t speak from personal experience, as I’ve never had a site that was popular enough to use excessive resources, but I believe the general process is that you will be contacted and warned about the excessive usage, giving you a chance to correct the issue, if possible.

Also, if the site in question is using enough resources to badly affect others on the server, that site may be disabled until you can make the changes required.


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*Re: streaming DELETED

The one that was deleted, obviously.
Troll much? :slight_smile:

and don’t forget the server space and bandwidth grows every week. DH is just for you :stuck_out_tongue:

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The whole “limit” and then weekly growth really makes it hard to understand what’s going on. I’ve asked them to consider changing it from weekly to monthly so that idiots like me can figure it out.

Regarding bandwidth:

You are allocated X much bandwidth for each billing cycle. (Note billing cycles are ALWAYS 1 month - even if you’re on a yearly payment plan) Every month your usage is reset to 0 (zero). Thus, the number they give you is available for the 28-31 day period.

You are ALSO granted a bonus every week that is ADDED to your allocation. This increases the amount available during the period.

It’s not uncommon to think that the seemingly huge number they give you is a “pool” from which you can remove bandwidth that is “replenished” by the weekly bonus. I’ve begged them to try to make this simpler and more clear so that people can compare hosting companies meaningfully.


I agree, it needs to be simplified, moving to a monthly bonus would be a good start.

The recently introduced daily reduction in bandwidth quota (before sign-up) makes it even more difficult to explain to potential customers.


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