It says that my plan does not include streaming, but only on the “Sweet Dreams” and higher plans. I have the “Code Monster” plan right now, shouldn’t I have this enabled?

What kind of streaming are you talking about?

All the plans include streaming for RealAudio/Video and Quicktime.

You cannot add any QuickTime Streaming Service to your domains because your plans don’t provide it. QuickTime Streaming Service is available only on Sweet Dreams and higher plans.

Thats the streaming I’m talking about.

According to the plan comparison page, even the CDI plan now has unlimited QT streams.

I read this to mean that ALL plans on DH are QT and RA/V enabled. If you’re having trouble adding a QT server to your plan you should contact support and ask for some help (especially since you’re on CodeMonster… that one has had QT as long as I can remember).