Streaming wma using asx


I’m having trouble streaming my wma files with my asx files. I uploaded the wax as binaries. From what i read it seems a .htaccess file would help? Or does this not work.

Example of my asx file is this
and my actual wma file is at’t Hand Cuff.wma

When I run my Asx files from my computer they launch fine but in both IE and my Firefox they just show the contents of the asx files. If i launch my asx files from the server using my ftp program they work fine also.

The code i’m using for this particular ASX file is

Da Bak Wudz - Don't Hand Cuff


The server is serving them as MIME type text/plain, which tells the browser to show it as plain text. You can modify this through a .htaccess file, but I’m not sure what the proper MIME type is for this data type.

– Dan


I think the MIME type for .wma audio files is supposed to be audio/x-ms-wax.

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The problem i’m having now is that everytime i even try to upload a .htaccess it dissapears after i change directories


That’s because on a Unix system, files beginning with a dot (".") are hidden. It’s there, you just can’t see it. Set your SFTP/FTP client to show hidden files.

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