Streaming technologies


I’m excited about registering with dreamhost. However there are some questions which I would like to ask.

I need streaming technologies. That means uploading audio and video files and being able to play them directly from the server without any download. If you support it could you please in brief tell me here how one can perform this? I mean it is obviously not enough to just upload files on server in order to be able to play or hear to them from the internet. What else should I do?

The second question I wanted to ask is the billing one. I know you;ve got a 60% discount now. If I register for free trial, would I be able to apply this coupon code when paying annualy?

Thanks to all who helped me!

The servers support streaming:

They also have a QT streaming media server free for account holders:

You should get the deal ($4/month or w/e it equates to) and it is payable after your 2 week trial is completed. There’s a $10 spend up front if you need a domain name or are transferring one over. If transferring, the $10 includes and extra year of registration (so it’s “free” if you look at the big picture).