Streaming qt links HELP

i am at my wits end.
trying to link 8 qt movie clips from hotspots on a jpeg inserted in a webpage ( in drmwvrMX2004-using mac os 10.2.8)
i cant figure out where to put the link code(embed object rtsp etc)
i have tried just pasting it in…where a normal link wouold go…instead i get a huge embedded active x square on the page or a huge qt logo …neither of which seems to work (or is what i want)
i just want to have the user click each ‘spot’ and be able to have the qt stream to them…either in the page or in a player…i dont care.
i have read the dreamhost knowledgebase,Apples tips etc…i seem to be a bit slow in this area,…i m missing something.
ANY HELP IDEAS suggestions examples steps in simple terms will be appreciatted and if i can repay you, i will.
im desperate.
please dont send me the link to dreamhost kb or apples tips and tutorials…i need to know exact steps for this particular sytem setup(dreamhost streaming server) and dreamweaver mx 2004 on mac.
i am sooo dyslexic
thank you in advance

oops heres my troubled page

you’ve made me feel soooo dyslexic. I can’t figure by your description of the problem, what exactly you are trying to accomplish.

You want the movies to play from links in an image map is what it sounds like to me, correct?

your dreaded kbase article, with links to other articles

btw, looks like a bomb went off in your Dreamweaver: There is no target=“myself” attribute. THere is no movie in your web root named Your URL ^ should be The plugin URL for your object and embed tags has an extra “t” in it (indext.html), it should just be You’ve got an image map to use, specified in your jpeg but there is no #Map specified, no link coordinates.

You’ve got a lot of problems here from files system to QT server to html. I dunno anything at all about the QT streaming but for the html:

The path in your html for the movie: “/” translates to - so make sure that that movie is in that location if you want to link to it. It’s not there now.

An image map (using the name you have specified: Map) would look something like this:



Of course you’d need to make sure the paths to the movies are correct (the leading slash ("/") says “webroot” and you can work into your directories from there). If you want to embed the movies in a page you’ll have to link to the page that has the proper object and embedding tags.