Streaming Multiple File Formats



I am starting a site where users can create a profile and upload short video clips (Clips under 60 seconds/25megs) and am looking for the best way to embed the videos. They will be submitted in a number of formats…Fla, WMV, MOV.

I would rather not ask a user to download video converter software, convert the video to Flash or Mp4 and than upload it. To many steps.

I can’t find a “Universal” type player. (I’m using WordPress). Does one exist and if not what do others do to support these types of files.

Thank you


There isn’t a “universal” player. There are ways to convert the video on the server after the user uploads it, though — the most popular by far is ffmpeg.


Thanks Andrew

I did see FFMpeg however my developer said it takes to long to convert and users would be annoyed at not having immediate access tot he clips in their profile.

If a user uploads a video, say a 20 MEG WMV clip, do you know how long it takes to convert? And would the converted files be playable on Windows and Mac using the embedded FlowPlayer?

I don’t expect we will need to convert 1000’s of clips. However if we can do the conversion server side it would help our users.


Pretty sure that a 20meg file would not take “too” long to convert. Give this script here a shot:
Its something I’ve written and integrated into a lot of sites including some on DH servers as well.