Streaming large video to JWPlayer

I maintain a website hosted on dream host that uses a custom-skinned version of the latest JWPlayer. Now the owner wants to host some long videos. For this reason I would like to stream them using the PHP pseudo stream script.

Questions are,

  1. Can formats that flash accepts for dynamic video playback other than FLV be used with this script (.m4v for instance)?

  2. The wiki page on flash streaming ( ) ends by stating “Don’t forget to inject metadata into your .flv file or this won’t work at all!”, but makes no previous reference to metadata requirements. What does this mean?

  3. Do I want to set bandwidth limits? and

  4. Do I need to touch these settings:

    define(‘XMOOV_GET_FILE’, ‘file’);
    define(‘XMOOV_GET_POSITION’, ‘start’);
    define(‘XMOOV_GET_AUTHENTICATION’, ‘token’);
    define(‘XMOOV_GET_BANDWIDTH’, ‘bw’);

Thanks for any help.

.m4v is the kind of file Apple’s QuickTime outputs for the iPod. Problem is Apple dropped support for playback of .m4v files with QuickTime X. Best solution if you’re going to use those files is to rename the extension .mp4 which will allow it to playback on many devices.

As for the other stuff someone else will have to pipe-up. I just saw that file extension and wanted to warn you.

Thanks baron. I play them back in flash as PDL with the .m4v extension no problem. My questions is more about if the capabilities of the PHP pseudo stream script.