Streaming large movie on web site

I’m a newb. Want to set up a page in my domain that is just for viewing a 90 minute movie (874MB) I produced myself. It’s in .mov format. I uploaded it as ‘Streaming’ to my domain using Fetch. What do I do next to make it accessible on the web? I’d like to password protect if possible. It will be the only page visible on my domain. Is there code? Can I use iWeb?

I opened up iWeb '08 to see if I could do it there but when I tried placing the movie on the template I got the message that it was too big (10MB max was recommended). Don’t know how to link the uploaded streaming version to iWeb or my domain.

Your advice and/or guidance greatly appreciated.

I’m really, really a newb.

Can you view it in Quicktime if you enter its URL at the streaming server? If it’s on the streaming server, I don’t think you can password protect it since you don’t have access to the password mechanism on the streaming server. Your only option would be to create a web page frontend on your own site that’s password protected: (sample embed code)