Streaming HTML 5 Video

Hi All,

I’ve got my site set up and deployed, but I’m having trouble streaming from a file. I think the issue is progressive download, which as far as I can tell is the only media serving method Dreamhost supports, but I was wondering if there was a way to work around this. I can stream it from a dropbox file, but ideally I don’t want my dropbox linked to the HTML that’s served from the site.

Has anybody found better options than progressive download to serve media from a static file? If not is there is another (cheap) option for streaming video from a file?

Thank you!

I think DreamObjects is what you would need.

Awesome, do you know if it allows access to the files stored there? Via link or at least accessible in HTML? It just seems like a cloud service.

Actually you need DreamSpeed. But it requres DreamObjects.

I don’t think you have to use DreamSpeed. It looks like a public DreamObjects object has a usable URL: (scroll down to the bottom)

DreamSpeed charges more than double for bandwidth compared to DreamObjects. On the upside, it’s much faster since it’s local to the user.

Maybe it’s the Progressive Download part I’m not sure about. I’d like to hear someone’s input on this.

DreamObjects works great for .mp3 files using progressive download; it should work similarly for video files.

Yes and yes. You can set the bucket to private to prevent access to other files in the bucket: the associated XML file will only show the file in question, not a tree to all the other files in the bucket.

Additionally, you can set the files in a bucket to private, and get a link that expires (I believe the max is 30 days); people cannot access the file after that point.