Streaming help

First of all, I did read the article at Dreamhost Wiki.

I followed the instructions but I am still confused! I was wondering if anyone could help me out :slight_smile:

Okay so I’m not sure if I am doing things right:

  1. I made sure my domain had the streaming service of course. The folder was then created.

  2. I uploaded a video into

  3. I created a file named ‘video.qtl’ with the following:

[quote]<?xml version="1.0"?>

<?quicktime type="application/x-quicktime-media-link"?>


and then uploaded this into

  1. I then embedded the object in a folder at (eg., in a file with the following:


[/quote] Have I done things right? (the video isn't playing at the moment) :(

Did you generate the video in a streaming format?

To test the video, you can probably just type in the URL (my work’s web filter blocks this):


I tried to visit that url (as you mentioned above) but I get like a ‘broken’ Quicktime image.

That is my url.

Hi, Sarah!

Quicktime streaming is not one of my fortes, and I not be “on target” here, but I wondered of you saw this thread from the Multimedia Forum?

From looking at the code you included in your original post to this thread, I’m wondering if this excerpt from the above referenced post is relevant:

As I warned, this may not be an issue at all; I’m just was “tipping” you to the other thread in the event you missed it and it might be relevant.


I tried:
and it gave me a Not Found.

What software did you use to generate this movie?


It was already a .mov file.

I added streaming but check this:

It does not work for some weird reason :S

A streaming server isn’t HTTP, which is why the URL is RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol). Which is why I suspect that the .mov isn’t in streaming format. The server can’t read the streaming data in the file, so it can’t serve it.

I had experimented with a streaming server, but gave up for a few reasons: I couldn’t get the hang of creating streaming video, and standard video worked well for me.

I ended up embedding my video just like streaming video, but instead of rtsp://, I embedded it as

The end result appears the same as streaming video when viewed over broadband. It starts playing immediately when the page loads and looks good.


Thanks Scott!

I was just wondering however, if people could save those videos? Because I wouldn’t want them to save any of these videos :confused:

sinks deeper in despair about what motivates members of the human race…

Yeah, that’s the other catch about not streaming video. People can generally save it. In my case, I didn’t care.

Though I have seen non-streaming video that had the save option disabled, or so I think. Apple’s movie trailers sometimes couldn’t be saved, and I think that was due to a QuickTime option. Clever people were able dig through their browser’s cache to find the video, though.

Back to streaming. If you can really get a handle on the format, this may be your only option. If you have QuickTime Pro, you can load up your movie file, then export it to a streaming format.


Okay thanks everyone :slight_smile:

The reason to why I do not want anyoe to save these videos is because they are not allowed - I am hosting a fansite for musician and the record company has given me permission to stream the videos only :slight_smile:
…just incase anyone was wondering :wink: