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I have my dreamhost quicktime streaming address on my root now. I have converted my videos to streamable quicktime files, and uploaded to the stream address. I embed the quicktime movie html code on my site however, it only works in Internet Explorer. Strange, this is the only compatible problem I’ve had between Firefox and IE. It is usually vice versa. Anyone know how to properly stream & embed the movies so they work for both firefox & IE? I know it can be done, there are many sites out there that stream quicktime movies no problem. Please help. Thanks.

What’s the URL of your page with the streaming video?

I’ve been able to embed a stream to Safari, and I do remember having to add a line to get it to be IE compatible.


The URL to my site I am designing is Though, the videos section is temporarily disabled due to this particular issue. If you would like to view the working IFRAME with the video in it, you can view it here:
(It is a IFRAME that is sized correctly in the actual website)

Like I said, it works with IE but not FireFox. Now that I have been messing with it again, it no longer wants to connect to the streamed video. The video is there, but it just keeps connecting, not playing. I’m getting so frustrated. If you or anyone else can help me out, I would very well appreciate it.

The embeded HTML code I used is the following:

You can also open up Quicktime and choose File > Open URL and copy/paste the rtsp:// link. But now it doesnt even want to connect to the video. It worked fine before. I don’t know what happened.

PS. I have the current PRO version of QuickTime (7.5) and converted the streaming .mov video with version 6. It worked fine before so I don’t think that’s the issue.
Please help. Thanks.


First off, as you say, I can’t even get the stream to work in QuickTime, and that shouldn’t be a problem, so something’s already broken.

I see in the embed line you have a src of Does that actually exist on your site?

You don’t have to use streaming video. Its only real advantage is that it’s not easily downloaded, so it’s not easy to others to copy it. I gave up on hassling with streaming parameters and just use standard .mov (non-streaming) files on my site and it’s been much easier for me.


I am wondering if the quicktime server is down as I am having the same problem. I did a direct download and it times out.

My website

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I guess the QuickTime server must’ve be down. It works now.

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All I want is to be able to play movies from within the webpage that would work via embeding code in HTML. I first used WMP files. It worked fine, but I added a radio station to my page that I use with WMP, and when I use the same (WMP) to watch videos on my site, it crashed many users (two WMP on the same page at once). So I went torwards (upgrading) QuickTime streaming for better results and faster viewing. Yet, now the QuickTime embed code only worked via IE. The “”… I left it like that because for some reason it only works (in IE) with it like that for some reason.

Is flash my next solution? I really do not want to go that way since that is a little more complicated. I spend enough time online as it is. If I can get this QuickTime streaming to work properly with both browsers that would be great.

What do you mean just standard .mov files? Play standard .mov files via the webpage without streaming?

If anyone can help or just give feedback, I would very well appreciate it. Thanks.


I basically have a radio station streaming on my page (WMP), and I would like to keep that there since most of my users enjoy it. Though at the same time I NEED to be able to have users watch videos via the site without downloading. I can’t use WMA videos because two WMP’s on the page (videos radio) cause it to crash for some reason. I want streaming radio and QUALITY videos to be able to play on my webpage at once. I am willing to pay someone to help me to get this to work in a simple HTML way. I know it is possible, and I may sound like a noob for asking such a thing. But I really dont have time to learn a new method (at this moment) and would like to atleast get the radio and videos working together.

What is with this QuickTime embed code working for both IE and FireFox?

I just did some more Googling and I read that some one came up with a solution with FireFox by encoding to .mp4 file format. Will QuickTime stream .mp4 movie files?