Strange user domain name in phpMyAdmin

Hi folks. I’ve searched and searched and can’t figure out what’s going on here…

I have a small osCommerce site on Dreamhost that was hacked recently. I think I have the holes plugged and almost everything cleaned up, but I see something strange that I don’t know how to fix. I’m somewhat of a beginner.

When I log into phpMyAdmin from the DreamHost web panel, I see myself logged in as the correct user name, but the domain is obviously something hacked. Instead of it says Not sure if this is dangerous or just an annoyance. The site seems to be performing fine. Thoughts? TIA

Odds are that you’re on the same database server as that other domain. When it logs in, I often see the other hostname because theirs is first on the server’s host alias list.

Thanks for the reply. I’m just a little skittish after cleaning up the site.

Now that I’m home, I tried a WHOIS and that other domain is definitely hosted here.

sdayman’s initial guess is correct. The MySQL server just has a bad habit of mixing up domains that are hosted on the same server.

Fantastic. Thanks guys. Really appreciate it.