Strange things (Billing)



please delete my account (#648562) immediately. The account is disabled since I had created it in 2010. Now you sent me an mail (on May 27th, 2011) that my account had just been activated now. I sent you an letter in May 2010 by post mail for verification. Nothing happend. Does that letter recived now? ##. The account is still disabled. And in my account is a massage that I owe dreamhost 238.80 US-$. What’s going wrong? Please fix the problems.

Thank you very much


I think your domain has been renewed. Please disable auto-rebill of your account via DH panel --> Account --> Manage Account.

Unfortunately domain registration fee is not refundable. Send a ticket to DH support in the panel and see what they say.


I’m sorry, It’s my fault, they spent me 9,95 US-$. I think thats really crazy… . The panel tell me that I owe 238.80 US-$ and I’d got 9,95 US-$?

I can’t disable auto-rebill :(. Massage: Failure! Error communicating with server!

“We’re sorry, but you may not make a payment to this account at this time.
You may only make payments on approved accounts.”

Close account also does not work: Error! Please fix the error below!

Which error does it mean?

Yes I wrote the support. Ticketnumer is #4345115. So please help me.