Strange thing with WebMail and gmail

I just signed up with DH recently.
I am having trouble receiving mail (at using Webmail. I can log into webmail and send mail to my gmail with no problem. But whenever I use gmail to send an email to myself at, it never appear in Webmail.

This only happens to gmail, I can receive mail from my Yahoo account and others, this is quite blizard to me. Can anyone help?

For what it’s worth, I can’t receive gmail-based mail at any of my domains either. Gmail messages do get to my work address, and to my yahoo account.

I suggest we each file a support message with Dreamhost, asking them to look into it.

I’m betting that somehow has been banned for spam reasons (probably erroneously).

–K {}

Hm. I just received (at my dreamhost email address) a message I sent from about 19 hours ago.

Perhaps the mail is getting through: it’s just taking forever.


And I just go this message from support:

[quote]Gmail has been put on a temporary warning list, this just means
that we are checking emails from gmail more carefully, the delay
is due to the amount of mail that is being sent and having to
be checked, Sorry for the inconvenience, this will soon be over.


So that explains it.

–K {}

mmm… I finally got the mails I sent from gmail too.
Thanks for the infomation, kirwin

I have a forwarding set up from a DH-hosted mail address to a Gmail account – mails gets there quickly. In the other direction I’ve also never had any delays or problems. It just works for me – but then I’ve of course whitelisted my Gmail address in my DH webmail!

So it turns out that DH is doing extra filtering on Gmail addresses. Reasonable in my mind because they’re doing it to protect us from spam and I get enough as it is already. Perhaps the whitelisting will help, but more likely the DH filtering happens even before the mail gets to “our” own mail servers so it’s inevitable.

In most cases, I don’t mind to wait an hour or so on spam filtering if it works, but a 19 hours delay is too much. Oh, the joys of spam…

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