Strange question (webmail IP)

While trying to bypass my company’s webmail blocker, I attempted to use the webmail IP (… I noticed an error in the webpage that prevents login…

  1. email address = @97.187.139
  2. visit http://mailboxes.97.187.139/

This might not work anyway, but I thought I’d give it try and I noticed the webpage var error.

It’s a bug in the webmail home page. Normally, you would access webmail from the host, and the page chops off everything before the first dot to get the domain. It does the same thing with the IP address giving you “97.187.139”. You can still login by entering a complete email address.


Yes I’m aware a “normal” logon works…But that is beng block by my employer…I was trying to work around the blocking…

Well it was worth a try.