Strange problem with MySQL connection using Dreamweaver

Hi all. I have a strange problem with Dreamwaver. I tried to find the answer to formum but I failed it.
Having set poaczenie with FTP, I try to create a connection to the database. -I note that on the server I entered its IP address.
However, testing podaczas connection appears to me the following message:
"The files from the folder _mmServerScripts are for the server model PHP_MYSQL. You try to connect to a database server using a different model.

Please remove this folder outside the Dreamweaver environment on Both local and testing machines AND try again ".

My configuration for the FTP (I use a test server and remote):
FTP address:
USR: me
PAS: ps
Folder: / folder

Passive combination of marked
server model PHP-MySQL

My configuration for DB:
Name: someConnection
MySql Server:
DB: test

What I am doing wrong during the setup. I tried poąłczenia through the program to MySQL Workbench and the connection was successful.

What is more, however, creates a connection to me like he wants to select / view the database tables (eg setting behavior) do not display any.