Strange Outage... SVN, web, ftp, panel

I have a weird outage, and am hoping to find someone who can help out. I have about 3 different domains hosted with DH (about 4 - 5 years at this point), and on Sunday, all of them went down – hard. The definition of “down” in this context is:

  • Websites return blank pages, or I receive a timeout
  • FTP or SSH with any user fails
  • SVN (Subversion) repos return failures
  • Cannot add users, domains, or change anything (passwords, paths, etc…) via the DreamHost Panel

However, email (webmail, POP3, and IMAP) all continue to function correctly.

My web server is kakuji – and I’ve got about 4 tickets open with support, some more than 36 hours old now (since Sunday), including a call back request.

I haven’t heard squat from DreamHost.

Any ideas?

Status shows no issues with kakuji. If you try command line FTP, is the server at least up? Have you requested a server change, or volunteered for the Unlimited plan? It just sounds like your server account is “temporarily” unavailable, which is different from your mail account.


I cannot ftp to any of my hosts. IE:

All of these fail – even with valid passwords (I’ve tried about 6 different users / passwords). And I’ve tried all of the domains in question.

I can FTP to, but when I do this, it shows nothing. IE, all of my files / folders are gone. I see a couple of .bash files, a Maildir (which is empty) and a logs directory (also empty). web directories are all gone.

I have no idea how to request a server change (I haven’t requested one). I’m not sure what the Unlimited plan is … I signed up about 4 years ago, and haven’t changed my account. I have unlimited (so it says) bandwidth and disk space. But my payment plan is “L3: two year rebill”

Hell, at this point, I’d be happy for a restore from a backup.

Yes, you are correct, it just seems like my server account is … gone. All of the files are gone, wordpress is gone, SVN is gone. The DNS is still pointing properly to DreamHost (and all of my domains are hosted and registered at DreamHost).

Any ideas on how to get it back?

[I now have 1 ticket which is almost 2 days old, and 3 tickets which are more than 1 day old … still no “official” response.]

Thanks for your response.

If you have an “unlimited” account, it’s possible they’re moving you to another server. That’s how it looks during a move, but it’s disturbing that you’ve not heard back. Support isn’t much for providing status updates until they’ve closed the ticket.

On a side note, I find it strange that has nothing posted in the last 10+ days. I could have sworn there were a couple of new entries that disappeared. They could be in super-slowdown mode during this dead week.


Well, it’s been 8 days now, and we’re still down. We’ve been moved to two different servers during this time, and have received 3 apology emails (heck, the sites were even back up for about 12 hours). Still, we’re down.

I’ve been using DreamHost for several years (4? 5?), and yes, we are on the “unlimited” account, but support has usually been pretty prompt (I think that, in all of that time, we’ve only had maybe 6 - 8 support tickets). This is unreal.

No web, no ftp (all of our files are gone), and no subversion or wordpress. I cannot even restore from an old backup!

And, it’s interesting that there are 2 or 3 threads on this discussion forum, but everything on says nothing is wrong.