Strange - no choice for USER ID?


I was trying to register (help to registera friend) a new account WITHOUT a plan attached for now (only user id, email info, password, etc.).

Strange thing is I DIDN’T GET ASKED about the user id (for the login into the system).

Just email, names, password, etc.

After the creation of the user id we discovered that the dreamhost system has AUTOMATICALLY and without asking created an ID, which it has “pulled out” from the FIRST and LAST name - so if my friend’s name is John Smith, it has created johsmi! That’s stupid! :frowning:

What’s the reason for that? Why there was no field for USER ID?.. Did we do something wrong and should we try again?.. I guess, the user id can’t be changed :frowning:

On the screen in the old knowledge base:
…I can see that there WAS such a fields before - but not now?..


Can you help?..

Thx! :slight_smile:

You didn’t do anything wrong, the WEBID is being phased out. I don’t think the auto-created WEBID is currently used for much more than the referral system.* It is no longer the recommended method of logging into your account, instead you should use the email address attached to the account.

No, you can’t change the auto generated WEBID, but since it isn’t used for a whole lot, I don’t think that is a big problem. You can however change the email address attached to an account by clicking on the Edit Profile link at the top of every panel page.

*An exception to this is the manually created WEBIDs that you can create via the Billing -> Account Privileges section of the panel, but these are for a different purpose entirely.


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And if you have two accounts with the same eamil address, you’ll log into the lastest account when you use the email address to log in.

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Yes, but the WEB ID (user ID) is used also for logging for accesing the server via SSH! Also, you could use it in referring people - I may want to have links as …r.cgi?BlueCompany instead of “r.cgi?johsmi” (if my name is John Smith) :frowning:

So it’s not so logical…

Usually people can select their own user IDs - for email, for forums, etc - it’s important!..

Any ideas how to prevent a DEFAULT web id to be created when registering new user?..?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I don’t think we can do this in DH which is strange. I think they generate the web id according to your first name and last name.

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No, the WEBID is not used for logging purposes or SSH access, you are thinking of a user name, which is quite different from the WEBID. Note that you do have the option during the sign-up process of choosing the first user name under your account.

The current DreamHost preferred way of creating a referral link is by using your account number (eg: r.cgi?1234567), not your WEBID. In-fact, the rewards section of the panel no longer mentions the WEBID in the ‘How to refer people’ section. I’d say that the only reason that DreamHost has not disabled the r.cgi?WEBID referral links is that there are a lot of such referral links out there that they do not wish to suddenly make invalid.

It is perfectly logical, like I said DreamHost has decided to deprecate (or phase out) the use of WEBIDs.

I suspect you mean when registering a new account, because creating a new user does not involve the creation of a WEBID. As far as I know, there is no way to manually choose your WEBID when you create a new account.


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sigh It is only strange if you fail to understand that WEBIDs are being deprecated. I can’t think of a single reason why you would need a WEBID, other than granting panel privileges to others.


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OK, guys (and girls;-)

I am maybe stupid or something…

I want simply to have SOME ID that will be used for logging in to the new account (plus I know there’s an option to log in into the account using the email). OK, it doesn’t matter so much.


How do I log in using SSH to my server/account? Using “johsmi”? I don’t like it. Using email?..

Why when I log in into the new account, then go to EDIT MY PROFILE I see WELCOME, JOHSMI and not my name? I don’t want this JOHSMI for logging in into my account, SSH, etc.!

Did I miss some important step during the sign up process only for a new account (without adding a plan yet) or what?

Feeling so stupid, sorry! :frowning: :’-(((

You can not log-in to SSH using a WEBID, you must use the name/password of a valid user under the account. If I understand you correctly, the account you are referring to does not have a plan under it, therefore it will also not have any machine users, so you can’t log-in via SSH anyway.

Have you checked that the correct name is shown under Edit Profile -> Make Changes ?

I really don’t see what the problem is, if the account does not have a plan under it, you really can’t do much outside of the referral system anyway and for that you only need the account number.

If/when you add a plan to the account, you will be given the option of specifying the name of your first machine user, this is the name you will use to log-in via SSH and you will use the email address you specify to log-in to the panel.


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Thx, Mark!

You are right, I didn’t think about it… :slight_smile:

I have resgistered my own account maybe 7-8 months ago, I remember I was able to select WEB ID then (I think so). I have activated DH acount a couple of months ago. In my case, my WEB ID is the same id I use to log in into my server using SSH. I can also use it for logging in into DreamHost. I also see it when I go to EDIT PROFILE on top right "Welcome, ".

So, I was thinking, it’s quite logical that the system would be the same now… but I guess, I was wrong a bit:)

Thx for all the replies! :slight_smile:

No problem. :slight_smile:

I agree that it can seem confusing at first, especially if you are used to the ‘old’ system, where WEBIDs had more uses, but it does makes sense when you realise that DreamHost is phasing out the use of WEBIDs.


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Ca we change webID on any way ?

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For your next signup, figure out the formula, and choose your first and last name to give the ID you want. :wink:

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I believe that if you initiate a credit-card charge back, deliberately spam from your account or knowingly host copyrighted content, they may change your WEBID to ‘FOAD’. :stuck_out_tongue:


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(This would be a bad thing.)