Strange MT Problem


I’ve got a pretty standard Movable Type setup that’s been solid for a couple years now. I tried to post something new after not using it for a week or so and it now claims I am an invalid user. The site itself appears to be just fine, I’m just no longer able to log in.

Anyone else ever run into thins issue? Any ideas on how to get this fixed?


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I’m having the same problem and have left them 2 messages in regards to it. I’m going to be really upset if I have to reinstall and reconfigure 2 of my MT sites. Let me know if you hear anything from them.

Something was probably upgraded recently, perl for example. These two links describe similar problems… 1, 2

has anyone figured this out yet?

the same thing happened to me yesterday – i can’t log into my MT blog.

i’ve followed the MT instructions for changing hosts ( changed hosts, and now i can’t log in to movable type. ), but i’m no genius… i can’t seem to get “db_upgrade” to run. and the instructions beyond that are way over my head.

i could really use some help. pretty please?!?

Viola! Here’s the solution:

You need to telnet in to your site. Change directory to get inside your MT database directory.

Then run this command:

db4.3_upgrade *.db *.idx

thanks for the solution, the MT manual says to use db_upgrade , but I guess here we need db4.3_upgrade

thanks again!

that works if you are usign the berkeley database - which you really shouldn’t be. MYSQL is far more stable, and every time berkeley is upgrade you site will break till you run the upgrade.

Also if you switch hosts and your new host uses a older version of berkeley, there’s no way to get access to your database.

Oh, if you’re not usign berkeley and this didn’t fix your problem, look into a program call MT Medic. It’s a simple upload and it can access your install and create a new users and other useful things.