Strange Issue with subdomains

I have a domain set up on my panel that should have 2 subdomains on it. However, whenever I try and manage the domain it only displays the primary and one single subdomain. So, when I FTP over to the root of my hosting space it shows me that there are in fact 2 subdomains beneath the primary domain name, but one of these that is sitting there is an subdomain that should have been removed.

For instance the primary domain should have two subdomains. These are and (note the plural). The only ones that show up in the domain management panel is and

However, if I go to my webftp there are,, and (no S at the end). The problem is that should be

What is even more wierd is that I can browse to, but doesn’t resolve. I’ve been wracking my brain as to what could have happened and its almost 3 in the morning and I’ve gotten absolutely nowhere. Can anyone make any sense of this?

Take a look at DNS for your domain and see what’s listed. That may offer a clue, but only Support can clean up the unlisted functioning website issue.


The FTP is storage. The web server configuration points to storage. In otherwords I could put a ‘’ directory in my home directory but it doesn’t mean I’m hosting at DreamHost.

Did you setup as an Easy One-Click install? The files are not stored in a home directory.

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Ah, another possibility is that you simply deleted the “s” off the web directory when setting up the subdomain. For example, I can host, but name the directory

Click on Edit for that Fully Hosted Domain and double check what the Web Directories are for your hosted subdomains. Again, checking your DNS listing should give you a clearer view of what’s really set up.


I would have preferred to get with Support about the issue, but I can’t find an email or contact information anywhere. Everything leads back to a wiki of some form or another.

You contact support from within the account control panel. Log in at, and then use the menus on the left to go to the “Support -> Contact Support” link.

There you will find a form for submitting a support request.

–DreamHost Tech Support