Strange email problem


I hope someone here can help me. I have a problem with sending and receiving email. This applies to all websites under my account but does not happen with every single email. It just happens often enough to make business through this system very difficult. DH support have not been able to help me. Their only response was “I wonder why this is happening”.

Receiving email --> Mail arrives with my ‘from’ field looking as follows -->

Sending email --> Every time I reply to one of these emails it will add as the name and as the email address. The result is that email cannot be delivered. This happens even when I enter the correct email address manually. This only seems to happen with mail that I receive through DH. It does not happen when I simply compose a new email and send. It is only when someone finds my website and then sends me an email.

In case it matters, I use Vista Home with Windows Mail.

I have another hosting account elsewhere and never experience this sort of problem.

Please ask if you require additional info or clarification. I really need to get this sorted.

Thanks for all assistance.



The strange From header could be simply a configuration problem on the sender’s part. One way to get this to happen is to send the message with:

From: ""

The part in <…> is the address and since it has no domain, the mail server will add itself (eg, The part in quotes is just a comment and is normally the senders “real” name.

When you reply, your mail client interprets the From header the same way and makes the part in <…> the email address.