Strange E-mail problem w/ Outlook2003 (Wrong time)

I have my dreamhost e-mail setup on Outlook 2003 on my office computer, and Chatteremail on my Treo 650 (all IMAP). I’ve had a problem recently where the e-mail coming in is showing the wrong time on my Outlook 2003.

As an example, I had an email come in at 16:16PM, but in outlook, it shows it as 5:34PM in the list. This has happened for a few days now. My Chatteremail is showing the dates fine, so I’m not sure what to point to. I doesn’t seem to be off by any amount that could be a wrong time zone, and the e-mails still come through quickly (immediately).

Any help?



This happened to me once … I reported it to support and they replied back that the mail server had the incorrect time. They reset the clock and everything worked fine.